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Comenius Projects

Contributing to the process of European integration and facing up to the challenges of globalisation: whoever wants to arouse understanding for these concepts and help young people to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills must bring the concept of Europe to life both in the classroom and the everyday life of the school within the overall context of a quality ensured education.

Comenius projects serve to improve the quality and increase the quantity of pupil and teacher mobility throughout different member states. They also foster and intensify the partnerships among project schools and promote the learning of foreign languages.

The HBG has been a Comenius school since the academic year 2000/2001. Since then it has been regularly been involved in the implementation of projects subsidised by the European Commission.

"The Greatests´Great Ideas", 2001 - 2003, with partner schools from Bulgaria, Italy, Romania und Spain

"Tourism - A Threat or Challenge for Europe (Sustainable Development)", 2005 – 2007, with partner schools from Italy, Poland and Sweden

"Towards a Common Understanding of Democracy in Europe; Past, Present and Future", 2009 – 2011, with partner schools from Finland, Italy and the Czech Republic

• In August 2011 we started our current two-year Comenius project with the French Lycée Saint-Denis and from 01.11. to 13.11.2011 the French pupils lived with the family of their exchange partner in Bremen. This bilateral project is entitled “Developing the intercultural competencies of German and French teenagers with the help of multimedia language practice”. In addition to improving language competence the project will encourage pupils to be sensitive to the cultural and etymological characteristics and differences between Germany and France. The cultural programmes, “Karambolages”, broadcast by the German-French network ARTE are helping them to achieve this. As part of the project the German-French teams will produce short films including dialogue sequences and present these during the European Art Festival. In April 2012 the German pupils will spend two weeks with host families close to the small town of Loches and also take part in lessons at the school.

If you have any questions about this current Comenius project do not hesitate to contact Frau Kremer, Fachsprecherin Französisch, Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium, Bremen. Tel.: +49 (0)421-361 6272.